Best smartwatch for iPhone under $50 

Best smartwatch for iPhone under $50 

“Explore the best iPhone-compatible smartwatch under $50. Find affordability and functionality in our top picks. Upgrade your wrist tech today”

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In today’s tech world, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a great smartwatch for your iPhone. Check out our review of the best smartwatches under $50. We’ll show you the top choices so you can pick the perfect budget-friendly companion for your device. Upgrade smartly with the best smartwatch for iPhone under $50.


Finding the ideal watch to go with your iPhone without sacrificing features is becoming more and more difficult as the market for inexpensive smartwatches grows. By dividing the best options according to compatibility, features, and design, this review seeks to make your search easier.

Review Criteria

Three important aspects are taken into account during our thorough review process: the overall design/build quality, features and functionalities, and iPhone compatibility. Every smartwatch was examined closely to make sure it satisfied the requirements necessary for a flawless iPhone experience.

Top Picks

Smartwatch 1 : Lefitus Smart Watch

Best smartwatch for iPhone under $50 

Key Features:

  • Compatibility with iPhone models : Smart Watch with Call Receive/Dial for Android Phones and iPhone Compatible
  • Impressive battery life : Super Long Battery Life, 230 mAh large capacity battery 
  • Fundamental fitness tracking capabilities: Accurate Activity Tracker Watch & 8 Sport Modes, SMART WATCH FOR ANDROID AND IOS PHONES


  • Affordable : Allows you to take calls and make them
    – Shows you ALL notifications you get in your phone. This is really good if you have less well-know apps like Signal.
  • Sleek design : Looks really nice and comes with two extra bands.


  • Limited app support :  It disconnects frequently and you have to open the app again to pair it to the watch.
    – you have to turn off the Bluetooth to be able to hear audio on your phone’s speakers.
  • Basic functionalities :  This “smart watch” could count my steps, monitor my sleep, my oxygen levels, although, I have to say, it never got a correct BP reading.

Smartwatch 2 : SKG Smart Watch ID207

image 8 Best smartwatch for iPhone under $50 

Key Features:

  • iOS integration : iPhone, Android 6 +, iOS 9.0+, Samsung, Smartphone
  • High-quality display : 12 months warranty services, 1.7″HD Extra-large full touch screen. SKG smartwatch can accurately track your health metrics (heart rate, blood oxygen)
  • Water resistance : Water-resistant up to 50 meters, you can wear the V7 smart watch for swimming and it will record your achievements even under water.


  • Responsive touch screen :  Customizable watch face to show what I want to see at a glance
  • Durable build : Great battery life – after a week of wear, it’s still 70% charged. I charge it Sunday nights for the week.


  • Limited third-party app compatibility : Temperature doesn’t refresh as frequently as I expected, and can be up to 8 hours late. Does refresh every time I look at the app

Smartwatch 3 : Sienfix Military

image 9 Best smartwatch for iPhone under $50 

Key Features:

  • iPhone synchronization : Automatic isolation of magnetic interference, close to the magnetic field watch works normally.
  • Robust health monitoring features :  Our smartwatch is waterproof, shockproof, magnetically resistant, and designed for professional outdoor exercise.
  • Extensive customization options : The special composite material and metal case enables our outdoor smartwatch to pass dozens of standard tests, including temperature, low pressure height, dust resistance, fog resistance, fluid pollution and more. 


  • Rich feature set : It has quality feel when holding it in your hand. Very sharp looking. Appears expensive.
  • Stylish design : The Pikachu picture is feels like a sticker on the back of the case instead of an actual printed design


  • Battery life could be improved :
  • Occasional connectivity issues : only problem is it’s not tracking steps of calories right, 200 calories burned of 214 steps

User Experiences

To provide a holistic view, we’ve gathered user reviews from various sources. Analyzing these perspectives helps uncover common themes and feedback patterns, contributing to a more nuanced understanding of each smartwatch’s performance.

Final Verdict

In summary, each smartwatch brings something unique to the table. Smartwatch 1 suits those on a tight budget, offering essential functionalities with a sleek design. Smartwatch 2 stands out for its durability and display quality, while Smartwatch 3 excels in features and customization. The choice ultimately depends on individual priorities, but all three options deliver excellent value for their price range.

Prepare to make an informed decision and elevate your iPhone experience without breaking the bank. Stay updated with the latest reviews and product details for the most accurate information.



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